Signing Off Here

Hi and thank you for reading this Blog.

The battle raging between dark forces controlling this planet for millennia, and the rare and natural closing of many grand cycles within cycles of time, is reaching fever pitch.

There are not enough hours to sustain this Blog so I invite you to subscribe to my other Blogs and please invite others. The more informed people are about the war waged against humanity and the use of silent weapons [GMO food, chemtrails, mind control, fluorotoxicity, Wi-Fi microwave radio frequency radiation, S.M.A.R.T. meter biology hazards, and 5G InternetOfThings sending/receiving information through our epidermis, etc.], the more apt they will be to safeguard themselves, and cooperate to defeat a common enemy; the Fallen One [Satanic forces] that thrive on dense, dark energy of fear, negativity, confusion, division, and suffering.

Our Greater Destiny Blog is a reservoir of fact based truth as evil is revealed for us to right the wrongs, which purifies the past to make way for a new era coming toward us. The more we see reality as it is instead of how we’d like it to be, the more Primordial Consciousness Power flows through us to transform human mis-creations into greater possibilities.

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The possibility of a lock down exists.

The possibility of humanity breaking free exists.

Everyone is asked to choose.

People don’t like to be caught off guard so please share our links to inform othersĀ  because we are all in this world age shift together. Thank you..

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse