About This Blog


This Blog pulls back the curtain on how the 99% are masterfully deceived by the 1%, and how knowing fact based truth and cooperation can transform the game board of life into a level playing field.

Discover how man-made legislation limits human potential and how UN-Consent to harm empowers Heaven On Mother Earth our true HOME, which is a choice you need to make not some place you need to find.

UN-Consent Blog features government ‘Public Notices’ of new and amended legislation and other Notices impacting humans and communities, for readers to increase their awareness and competently respond. Otherwise public ‘silence’ is tacit consent. Tacit means understood or implicit without being stated, the great CON of man, empowering the 1% and enslaving the 99%.

UN-Consent Blog also features competent humans taking wise action as never before in modern history to end harm and help us set ourselves free.