‘Consent’ Without Being Stated – The Great CON of Man

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This Blog unmasks the great CON of man, not found in some secret society, or cleverly hidden in a picture or symbol. The great CON of man is hidden within just one tiny word, consent.

The purpose of https://unconsentblog.wordpress.com is to raise awareness with people who want to slide back into the driver seat of their life. If you want the right to your life, freedom, greater well being, property, happiness, justice, peace, fair-care-share, and what makes your heart sing, set your intention for it to be so, and make a commitment now.

Begin with a free subscription to https://unconsentblog.wordpress.com and advance with others taking our lives back wisely, peacefully, and competently.

While the 99% would like to believe we are totally victimized by the ruling 1%, the Truth is we gave our consent. To free ourselves requires a vast number of humans to become more aware, UN-Consent to escalating harm, and further UN-Consent to manipulation by the 1%.

Here’s what’s happening now.

There is currently no greater threat to the American Republic than the wave of terror events being conducted by the U.S. Federal Government.  Now that the agencies who are perpetrating these terrorist operations have a movement like Black Lives Matter to blame for triggering the violence, they can basically run roughshod over communities and cities, projects and subdivisions wherever they so choose. http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=42509

With input from https://unconsentblog.wordpress.com subscribers, we’ll publish government proposed legislation, amendments to existing legislation, and other substantive changes that serve few at the expense of many, impacting a large % of humanity like population control, mandatory vaccinations, GMO food, stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering or chemtrails, civil war etc., backed by complete and qualified resources, to raise awareness, coordinate timely ‘UN-Consent’ responses, hold government accountable and minimize harm.

Here is how the 99% ruled give their power and consent to the 1% rulers. Please study this so you and loved ones do not become prey!

1. Your Incompetence: Unless you present yourself, so as to dispel the presumption of your death or incompetence, the trustee stays in control. Their claim of incompetence or death becomes a cured fact in Equity Law. The key concept being, ACTION MUST BE TAKEN BY YOU, in order to dispel the presumption, and regain control over the entrusted estate; in this case government. You must be present, which indicates you have come of age, and are able to use the estate entrusted to you by god; your body, mind and soul – and what you do with these things.

2. Breach of Trust: If the trustee does not honor the rules you set up, they are in BREACH OF TRUST. In order to reclaim the trust, you must notify them of their failure to honor the trust agreement (filing a UCC1 Financing Statement is one method). If you fail to do this, you are negligent, and by definition incompetent. Clearly, if you can not recognize that the person you entrusted to managed your estate is breaking your rules, then you must not be competent. As a result, the trustee can maintain control, even if you are alive and not lost at sea.

3. Implied Consent of all the other ‘citizens’ of government:
This is the crucial point most people miss. The government is the trustee of the people, they have to do what the people say, or more accurately, if they CLAIM that the people want something, and the people do not say otherwise, now the government has a MANDATE issued by the people, as a result of their silence by tact or implied consent.

In other words, if the government claims the people want to be enslaved, and the people DO NOT SAY OTHERWISE, the people consent by their inaction. This is known as implied or tacit consent.

As we gain knowledge and self govern we become deception proof, self realized, and empower competence.

Spread the word.

Doreen Ann Agostino

Without Prejudice UCC308-1


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